Being Beachy!


It’s been snowing here for the last two weeks, basically, and its April tomorrow. To combat the awful summertime sadness I’m getting (I really, really want it to be summer) I’ve been making some beachy and nautical jewellery! I’ll post a picture of each individual necklace I’ve made.

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Try DIY: Feather Leather Earrings

Alright, folks. Before I get into my DIY attempt at making a lovely pair of earrings, I would like to show you all where I got the idea! Love Sexton is an Etsy store that has lots of lovely “feather” earrings that are handmade on faux leather. They all look fantastic and that shop is DEFINITELY worth checking out.

So after seeing the earrings over there, I wanted to try to make my own. Mine didn’t turn out half as nice as the ones on the Etsy shop, but I still like them. diyearrings6This is how my earrings turned out in the end. If you want to try to make some of your own, I’ll walk you through the steps I used. It did take a few hours so you may have to either give yourself a bit of time for them, or make them over a few sittings.

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Spring 2014. Trend #2: Cross-Front!

Tops with crosses on them seemed to be everywhere last year, but with that very quickly going out of style, (seriously, check the sale items on forever 21) a new cross style is taking over. This style is cross-front tops! This style is classy and sexy for people who are willing to show some skin. I’ve seen this style sweeping through swimwear this year as well. The cross-front swim top actually offers more coverage than the regular bikini, which is nice for girls who want to cover up a little more in the pool. This style is versatile, and I’m certainly excited about it. While I personally haven’t picked up and cross-front tops, here are a few picks I’ve found across the web.

Body Wrap Swim Top, Victoria Secret. $36.50-$38.50

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Spring 2014. Trend #1: Florals!

Trends are always changing, but spring and fall tend to mark the biggest changes in a year in the fashion industry. Now that it’s March, the brightly coloured summer clothing is moving forward, and sweaters and big boots are taking a well deserved vacation at the back of the closet. So, what’s new this summer? What’s back for another round?

Fortunately, a lot of trends are rising back from last summer, so don’t shove your summer clothes from last year in good will just yet!

Anything I’m mostly posting here is going to be from the Canadian versions of the website if it’s not international. I’ll try to keep the names with the items to make sure that you can look for it in your area, too!

Making a comeback for Spring 2014… Florals!

…making a comeback? What is she on? Florals didn’t even go away this year!

Yeah, yeah, florals aren’t really making too much of a comeback, because they stayed close to us and got us through the winter months. So, keep them out. This spring, they’re on EVERYTHING. Shirts, skirts, leggings, shoes, sunglasses, jeans, earrings, hair bands, pretty much ANYTHING you can think of, it comes in floral.

A (hopefully) obvious word of wisdom is don’t try to wear all your floral things at once. Please be picky. A piece here and there.

Some of my favourite items that have popped up over the past little while.

Gwenassa Sunglasses, Spring. $12.00

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