Spring 2014. Trend #2: Cross-Front!

Tops with crosses on them seemed to be everywhere last year, but with that very quickly going out of style, (seriously, check the sale items on forever 21) a new cross style is taking over. This style is cross-front tops! This style is classy and sexy for people who are willing to show some skin. I’ve seen this style sweeping through swimwear this year as well. The cross-front swim top actually offers more coverage than the regular bikini, which is nice for girls who want to cover up a little more in the pool. This style is versatile, and I’m certainly excited about it. While I personally haven’t picked up and cross-front tops, here are a few picks I’ve found across the web.

Body Wrap Swim Top, Victoria Secret. $36.50-$38.50

Night Moves Textured Crop Top, Forever 21. $15.80
Leith Crisscross Crop Top, Nordstorm. $44.01

BONUS: If you aren’t too comfortable with a cross-front top, maybe a cross-back top is more your style!

Cross Back Skater Dress, Urban Planet. $15.00

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