Try DIY: Feather Leather Earrings

Alright, folks. Before I get into my DIY attempt at making a lovely pair of earrings, I would like to show you all where I got the idea! Love Sexton is an Etsy store that has lots of lovely “feather” earrings that are handmade on faux leather. They all look fantastic and that shop is DEFINITELY worth checking out.

So after seeing the earrings over there, I wanted to try to make my own. Mine didn’t turn out half as nice as the ones on the Etsy shop, but I still like them. diyearrings6This is how my earrings turned out in the end. If you want to try to make some of your own, I’ll walk you through the steps I used. It did take a few hours so you may have to either give yourself a bit of time for them, or make them over a few sittings.

You'll need paint, brushes, wire, earring hooks, scissors, needle-nose pliers, and  fabric.
You’ll need paint, brushes, wire, earring hooks, scissors, needle-nose pliers, and fabric.

I had all the things needed for this project lying around, but it is possible you’ll have to put some money into this. Nothing here is overly expensive, and I can’t see this project setting anyone back more than $10.

diyearrings2Step one is to cut out the feather shape out of the fabric of your choice. I wanted to go with faux leather like on the Etsy store. I thought it was too cute. Make sure the feathers are even and a good size for your ears.

diyearrings3After getting the right shape, paint a design on them. I always start with the lightest colours. It makes it easier to layer colours on if need be like in my flower design. I think paint isn’t the only option for this project. If you wanted to use stickers or patterned paper and stick it on with modge podge that’d work fine too.

diyearrings4When the paint is fully dry, cut slits into the shape to make it look like a feather. I started from the top area by the wire. Cutting the pieces thinner and angled properly will make it look more realistic. I forgot to take a picture of this step before I put on the wire, but ideally you’d cut the feather before putting the wire on.

diyearrings6Final step is to put on your wire and earring hook. There are many different fixtures you could use for this. I used wire and hooks I had handy. My wrapping was far from perfect so I’m not sure it’s a good idea for me to go through my wrapping process here. Obviously having an end cap would be ideal but like I said I used what was on hand.

I think they turned out okay. I think it was a fairly easy and definitely a cheap project that is worth giving a try if you like how mine turned out.


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