Being Beachy!


It’s been snowing here for the last two weeks, basically, and its April tomorrow. To combat the awful summertime sadness I’m getting (I really, really want it to be summer) I’ve been making some beachy and nautical jewellery! I’ll post a picture of each individual necklace I’ve made.

ImageThis one is a basic anchor I made with some cheap walmart wire. The shells and beads were all from walmart as well. Actually, everything from all these necklaces is from walmart. Let’s just get that out of the way.


The pictures do not show it too well, but the coral beads have a blue pearl to them. It looks amazing in person and the blue pearl looks so good with the grey beads.


This one here was made for a friend. It’s very basic. There’s an anchor charm and a few beads on it. The chain has nothing else put on it aside from that. Turned out really pretty.


The last necklace I really wanted to look nautical despite not having anything really nautical about it on it. So I played with colours and I thought this looked pretty nautical. The shells were a little bit of a pain but it looks good!

I’m not going to give a tutorial on how to make the anchor. It took me a very long time to figure it out. The idea isn’t original, so if you want a beautiful anchor necklace like the ones I made you can click here! This is where I took the idea from. This etsy shop does SUCH a good job making the anchors and they come in many colours. These are definitely worth checking out!


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