How To Wear Bright Eyeshadow


Hi everyone!

Today I just wanted to show you guys how I personally handle super bright eyeshadow. They can be super fun, but sometimes they look much more pigmented in the pan, or they are hard to make look good on your skin, or it’s too overwhelming once you get it on.

Quick tips:

  • When using bright shadows, I recommend ALWAYS putting either a white base or a base the same colour as your eyeshadow underneath your eyeshadow. It’ll make a world of difference to the colour on your skin. It’ll appear much more like it did in the pan.
  • Blend with a neutral! This may sound silly but when you are blending the edges of your pigment, blend it with a neutral colour, a few shades darker than your skin tone. It’ll match your natural shadow in your crease and it’ll make the edges of your bright eyeshadow less dramatic. How you transition your bright colour to the rest of your skin is key, and can make or break the entire look.
  • Make sure to balance your face so that people don’t just see your eyes when they look at you. You want the bright eyeshadow to be a part of your look, not the entirety of it. Some ways to do this is to put eyeliner on your top lip (I personally like cat eye liner), making sure you have filled in brows, and wearing something on your lips, wether its a simple gloss or a lipstick. Don’t be afraid to go a little bold on your lip. As long as you don’t over-do your blush, it shouldn’t look clown-y.

I think that’s it! Let me know what you guys think below. Would you go bold? If so, what colours? If not, why?

If you want to know about my earrings, check out my tutorial on how I made them here!


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