Spring 2015 Trend Alert: The 90’s Revival

Alright, alright, so I guess this isn’t technically a spring 2015 trend, it’s been happening for a while now. However, I do believe it  is at an all time high this spring. The first time I found the 90’s smacking me in the face was I watched the music video for Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s “Fancy”. I mean…


…woah, Clueless totally threw up all over that music video! They didn’t even try to hide it.

Anyway, a few months later (over fall, I do believe) I started seeing yellow plaid pleated skirts in stores around here. It was at that point I realized that the 90’s were going to come back in style.

I find myself giggling these days as I’m looking through the new clothing for spring on my favourite websites to shop from, because a lot of the things I see, I grew up on. A lot of it I enjoy, some of it I’m questioning, but maybe it’s just because I associate these trends with kid-Mel and I can’t see adult-Mel in them. Anyway. For this particular post, I went out looking for some comparison 90’s advertisements to prove how full-circle we’ve come.


No, I don’t mean your average pair of jeans. I mean denim everywhere. 

All pictures are from the Forever 21 website

All I had to do is go to the Forever 21 website and I found jeans layered in a whole load of different ways. Jean jackets on top of jean shirts, paired with jeans… or how about some jean overalls? Or a loose jean jacket over a jean maxi dress? You can’t deny, jean is in, the same way it was in the 90’s.

Crop Tops

Crop tops have been kicking around again for a few years, but they’re getting more and more 90s style.


wet seal, nordstrom, modcloth, sheinside

I’m personally a fan of crop tops, especially with high waisted skirts like shown in the second picture.


This 90’s essential has been back for a while, but with the tattoo choker coming back into style, I feel like this is a must-mention.


asos, claires, asos, topshop

I’ve already purchased myself a few tattoo chokers to try to work into my wardrobe again. I definitely want to dig up my school photos and see how many of them I’m wearing my old one in…

And it goes on…


forever 21, forever 21, topshop, hot topic

Shown above: Plaid around the waist, flower crowns, cut offs, combat boots. These things may not be exclusive and back for spring of 2015, but all these things compiled together are really starting to look like the 90’s.

There’s a few more things I’ve thought of that I haven’t put pictures of in here, like platform shoes (I’m particularly fond of creepers), brown lipstick, distressed every-type-of-clothing, off shoulder shirts, floral on anything imaginable (though I guess I did kind of show that), ying yangs, and the biggest, slouchiest sweaters you can find.

I’m personally all for the 90’s coming back, especially the grungier side of things. I’m definitely not upset that big comfy sweaters and flannels are becoming the norm. I have too many traumatising memories of overalls to ever find myself in them, but they can certainly look good.

What’s your thoughts on the 90’s revival? Is there anything I’ve missed that you are all for or totally against? What else do you want to come back? Or stay away forever? Let me know in the comments below!


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