The Mascara Files: Horizontal vs. Vertical


What was supposed to start out as a big mascara post has turned into my first series! On Wednesdays I’ll post a small tip from my massive amount of knowledge of mascara. So this first post is on how holding your mascara wand can totally change the way your lashes turn out!

You can make your lashes look different depending on how you hold the wand! If you hold it horizontally, it’ll work towards extending the lashes more, and will apply evenly. To get spiky looking lashes, try applying your mascara holding your wand vertically and going back and forth across them!

Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant

I used Smoky Extravagant Mascara for Make Up For Ever on both eyes.

I did top and bottom lashes on each eye, and you can see theres a big difference on how it turned out! I think both look good, and have their context. I usually apply my mascara with my wand pointing sideways and move it in a vertical motion for my top lashes. For my bottom lashes, I point the tip of my brush straight up and will move it in a horizontal motion.

Easy enough to completely change the way a mascara looks on your eyes!

Which way do you prefer? Post in the comments below!


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