Extend Marker Eyeliner Life!

Hey everyone! I made this post a few days ago and I thought I saved it to my drafts for a quick post if I ended up being busy on Friday, which I was. When I went to post it, it wasn’t there! So sorry for not having a post for a few days!

So, if you have eyeliners that are dried up that look like this (marker tipped):


You may still be in luck. I have a SUPER simple trick to help get the extra pigment out of these markers.

quicklinertip5Yep. That’s it. Store them upside down. It moves the pigment down towards the tip of the marker and you’ll get more use out of it. I have a picture to show!


I stored my markers rightside up and I had to really push to get the pigment on my hand that I did, and you can tell that because my lines are really thick from having to go back and forth over the area. The second picture shows the markers after storing them upside down for a night. Suddenly, they were much easier to use! Simple as that!

Have any other tips or tricks on extending makeup life? Let us know below!


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