Picture Tutorial: Teasing your hair

Hello Friends!

For my first tutorial, I want to answer a question I get asked every week – HOW DO YOU TEASE YOUR HAIR AND HOW DO YOU GET IT TO STAY LIKE THAT ALL DAY – what a wonderful question!  It’s really simple, actually.  The key is good hairspray and a good comb.  I personally use a regular comb.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the teasing comb (link:  Sally Beauty) and the teasing brush (link:  Sephora).  These are amazing products depending on your hair type, and I’ve linked a couple that I recommend.  I personally have tried teasing combs and teasing brushes – the problem that I’ve run into with these are:

  • If you have thick hair like I do, chances are the teasing comb will break.  I have gone through several teasing combs that crack right off at the handle.
  • If you are prone to static, stay away from the teasing brush.  In my experience, this just causes unnecessary extra static that makes it that much harder to work with.
  • For those with thin hair:  A product that I use on my friends with thin hair is Rusk Texture Spray.  This stuff is fantastic, and not too expensive.  You can use it on any hair type – I just find it’s incredible for teasing thin hair.

If these products work for you, great, go ahead and use them.  We all have different hair so use what you’re comfortable with.

I would also, before we begin, like to stress the importance of hairspray.  If you don’t hairspray, your tease, it’s not going to stay in.  Also, don’t be afraid to spray it.  I have a friend who holds hairspray a mile away and only uses a couple of squirt.  Guys.  That’s not going to work.  It’s barely reaching your head.  The only thing you’re going to get from that is a sticky floor.

A couple of great hairsprays to keep in mind are:  Big Sexy Hair (which you can actually find at Wal-Mart) and Rusk W8less Plus Hairspray.

Here are some tips for how I tease my hair – and I follow these steps when teasing others hair as well.

*Note:  I part my hair to the side

Start by taking a small section in the front on your dominant side and hold it up.  Start the tease just above the ends of your hair.  Okay, that sounds confusing – so here are some photos for guides (where my fingers are pointing is where you should start the tease)

Featured image

 For extra hold, tease your tease.  This will work, but you also have to remember that at the end of the day you will be brushing it out so tease responsibly.

The next section should be toward the top rear of your head, I tease this in two sections, both in the same direction

Featured imageOkay, if that’s enough tease for you, then you can stop now.  I like to go all out, the bigger the better.  So at this point, I will do one more tease at the back of my head

Featured image

And now I do two layers on each side.

Okay I hope you all look as crazy as I do now.

Alright, now grab a brush – just a normal brush.  Skim the “top” of the tease layers with the brush, starting obviously with the bottom teases.

Once you have your tease brushed out, you may need to even it out – this part is all you.  Lightly tease top sections and brush them over lightly until you’re evened out.

Now for the most important step:  you need to hairspray your masterpiece.  I use Big Sexy Hair Hairspray.  Spray all over and ~~voila!~~  WOW GUYS YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!  

                                                            Featured image                            Featured image

This is how I tease my hair on a daily basis.  If this doesn’t work for you, leave me a comment and describe your hair type to me so I can recommend some product, and/or give you some tips.

Thanks for reading!


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