The First Page: [Forever 21] Week of March 16th


Hi friends!

I’ve been coming up with some new ideas for the blog, and this is one of them! Each week I choose a store (or take a request of a store if I get some posted) and I go through the first page of new arrivals! From that, I’ll post observations about what’s trending, as well as my top 5 things from that page!

I’d like to note I’m Canadian so some of the sites I’ll be posting from will be from the Canadian version if there is one.

The first site I chose is Forever 21. Here’s a rundown of what the site’s new arrivals page looks like today!

thefirstpost5(Alright the gif isn’t the entire first page, but the initial size of the file was huge so I put as much as I could into it)

What did I notice first glance?
Well, I can certainly tell you that print is super trendy right now. What print? ALL OF THEM. Lace is also something that popped up a few times in this scroll through. There’s a whole load of skirts and shorts, which is to be expected because it is spring. I see maxi dresses, head bands, sandals, fringes… anything you need for that essential summer festival look!

What made an impression on me?thefirstpage7My top 5 items (in no particular order) at this quick glance are:

Like I said earlier, these are the Canadian links to the site. If you aren’t in Canada, you can type in the names of the products into the search bar on the Forever 21 website to see if they are available in your area! 😀

What items do you think are very striking at first glance? Let us know in the comments section below!
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