From the Phone: My Sailor Moon Necklaces!

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to make a quick post about my favourite necklace set EVER! I bought a set of sailor moon necklaces! So far I’ve only worn the crescent moon wand but I’m so happy with the quality and I cannot wait to wear the rest!



That’s what my crescent moon wand pendant looks like on the chain!  Isn’t it so pretty??
I got my pendants from Aliexpress. If you’ve never used Aliexpress before make sure to look up a guide on the best way to go about getting quality goods at cheap prices from there before buying anything. I will be making a post in the future when I get a few more things in from there!

Heres the vendor that supplied my pendants!

Have you ever bought from aliexpress? How did the order turn out? Post below!

EDIT: Here’s a better quality photo of the necklaces AND each of their names in the Sailor Moon series.



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