The First Page [H&M American Site] Week of March 23rd


Hi Friends!

I’m back today with another week of our new series called “The First Page”. Sorry I have been absent the last few days. Last week I needed to take a step back from the website because I had too much input flowing from my brain and my body couldn’t physically produce the content that I wanted to, and that left me in a bit of a rut. Here I am, though! Back again! This week with what’s available on the H&M America site. I’m using the American site because I can’t purchase things online here in Canada. So here we go!


Oh man, look at all that colour!

My top 5 items at first glance in no particular older are:


May I just say, as a consumer, thank you very much H&M for making shorts that aren’t tiny. I’m not always in the mood to wear tiny shorts, and I like to have ones that are longer a lot of the time.

As with everything else, I think these are just great summer items. The Jacquard-Weave shorts I really like paired with that matching shirt. The matching combos are something I’m personally really digging and I’ve been looking for something of the sorts that I want to wear since last summer. Everything I chose has that festival vibe, and I’m not sure if it’s something I’d wear everyday, but these items certainly do have my attention and I would try all of them.

What do you think? Do you like H&M’s more basic clothes or do you like the crazy designs on things? Post below!

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