The Mascara Files: Declumping


Today I wanted to show you guys a tip for declumping mascara. Mascara can clump if you put on too much or if your mascara is drying out. If that happens to you, you can use a little tool that you’ve most likely seen before as they are provided in nearly every makeup brush kit. 


This here is an eyelash/eyebrow brush. I use mine all the time. It can fix my mascara if it’s clumped, even after it dries! Just gently brush out your lashes like you would your hair! I use the hard plastic side, not the side with the bristles. Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye! Here’s the difference it made in my lashes:


Crazy, huh? It’ll save you a lot of time poking at them and trying to separate them, or from redoing your makeup all together.

If you have any tips or tricks you use to declump mascara, let us know below! Don’t forget to subscribe by email if you enjoy our blog!


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