Budget Beauty Post: My Go-To’s, But Cheaper!


Hi friends!

Just wanted to do a post today about cheaper alternatives for my go-to products that have been in almost every video tutorial I’ve done. I have a lot of high end stuff, and it isn’t realistic for me to expect everyone who watches these videos do as well.

Honestly, I don’t spend a lot of money on it myself, but every time my birthday or Christmas rolls around, I add to the collection. People know to get me makeup. It’s always a good gift. My Dad’s girlfriend also collects Sephora samples to distribute to her friends and family. That get’s me A LOT of my makeup and would explain why all my mascaras are half sized.

So, what I’m going to touch on today are alternatives for my expensive go-tos!


*Remember, my prices will be in Canadian, so it may vary depending on where you are!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

My favourite product that does the exact same thing as Too Faced Shadow Insurance is ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. I used this for years before I went to a Sephora and bought the Too Faced product. I need an eyeshadow primer. Always. If I don’t use one my makeup will make its way to my crease within the hour. Eyeshadow primers have saved me a lot of grief over the years.
Why I use the more expensive one:
Where I live, there is currently no where to purchase either of these products in person, both must be purchased online. The Too Faced alternative holds more product than the ELF one. So instead of needing to purchase it once every 3 months or so, I can get away with purchasing it every year and a half, roughly. I’m not sure how long before you should replace an eyeshadow primer, but I probably go way over the limit. The first time I stepped into a Sephora, it was to go find Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It was the first high end purchase that I scouted out myself and knew I needed. I also like the squeeze tube better than the applicator for an eyeshadow primer.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner has been nearly exclusively the liner I’ve used for over a year now. I like how dark it is, I like that it dries immediately, and I like the precision I get from it. For me, its my undisputed favourite eye liner. A good dupe for it is Maybeline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner. While I can’t find a good Canadian price on it, I remember it costing me about $10 every time I bought it. It is a great liner and the tip stays well in tact compared to some other drug store liners, I find. I’d like to mention that my second favourite drug store pen liner is the one that Cover Girl makes.
Why I use the more expensive one:
I’ve got a continued stream of free samples of this product since I first got it. However, I’ve gone out in the past with the intent of buying it, only to be told that I had more coming with my birthday gift (this was only a few days before my birthday). The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner has a very unique tip. It isn’t the felt material that a lot of others are, but its made of neat, compact bristles. I’ve never had one fray on me. The samples I get last me almost as long as a bottle of Line Stiletto. You’d really have to try this product in order to fully comprehend how great it is.

Nars Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette
beautybudgetpost5Alright, before you scoff at this, no it’s not a dupe.
I’m not here to show you dupes, otherwise I would’ve used that word before now. I’m showing you alternatives that do what the high end product does, like the ELF Studio Blush Palette. ELF have fantastic blushes in general with great colour payoff. They even make blush/bronzer sets that are modelled after the NARS blush/bronzer sets, and I believe I’ve seen people use those as dupes. So while you may not find the exact same shade as one from this Guy Bourdin palette, it’s a fantastic alternative
Why I use the more expensive one:
It was an amazing Christmas gift. I would have never picked up this palette and purchased it myself. It was a limited edition palette that was difficult to get your hands on. I love when blushes come in palettes because I carry all of them around with me instead of just one, and I do change up what blush I wear quite often. As for the highlight and bronzer in this palette, no, I don’t use them often. My favourite shade is deep throat, I would consider buying it again from Nars because I like the consistency and my face is pretty sensitive, and NARS blushes give me no problems.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer


If you watch my videos you may be thinking, “that bronzer looks nothing like the ones she uses!” No, the packaging is totally different because my version of Milk Chocolate Soleil is from a value set (big surprise) that came with 4 different Too Faced bronzers. I first got the original Chocolate Soleil Bronzer for my birthday last year (in another value set, yay!) and I fell in love with it, but it was a little dark for my skin. Now that I have the Milk Chocolate version I’m pretty hooked. I wear it every day I wear makeup. Before I used that, I used Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Soft Tan. The colours are quite similar, they’re both matte, and Essence is really cheap (and great!)
Why I use the more expensive one:
Alright, let’s be real. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer smells delicious. It has real cocoa in it, and it’s an absolute delight to put on. Even though the one I have is a sampler, I will buy it again if I ever run out and it’s still available. I find that when I put on Milk Chocolate Soleil I get the perfect amount of bronzer from my initial sweep. I have to apply the essence powder a few times because it is actually a face powder, not a bronzer. Overall I think I just really enjoy the consistency (and smell) of the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

While I don’t use Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment in my videos, it is what keeps my lips soft enough to be able to wear lipstick every day, even through the harsh winters here. It’s a fantastic smelling and tasting lipbalm (lets be real it’s a lipbalm). I mentioned how expensive this lipbalm is one time around my hair dresser, and she recommended the Essence lipgloss as an alternative. When I went to pick one up, I ended up seeing the lipbalm there, and I like the harder waxier texture more than gloss, so I decided to give this one a try. It works fantastically for my regular overnight use, and it tastes really great. It may annoy some people that it is a frosted lipbalm, but if you’re only wearing it overnight or before you put on lipstick, it shouldn’t be a problem. I use the Fresh and Essence products interchangeably every night. If my lips are particularly dry I’ll make sure to use the Fresh one, otherwise I’m really not picky. The thing is, as long as you routinely use any sort of lipbalm, you won’t get chapped lips! The only thing you have to look out for is don’t overdo it, because that’ll make your lips worse.
Why I use the more expensive one:
Once again, I’ve gotten more free samples of this than I can handle. I currently have two sugar treatments kicking around that I use. I keep telling myself I would never consider buying this on my own, but honestly if my lips were chapped really badly, I know this has done the trick for me better than Chapstick brand. It’s soft, soothing, and tastes kind of like lemon meringue pie. The samples each last me about 6 months, so I’d imagine that the full size would last me at least a year. Fresh as a product also really intrigues me because the time my skin was best was when I had a sample of their Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream! Even though their products are expensive, I can say at least for what I’ve tried, it works and it’s super gentle.


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