Cheap! (& Worth It!) [Face Edition]

cheapandworthit2Hey guys! I wanted to make a quick post today because I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to record my last game of thrones tutorial, so instead of leaving you with nothing today, I decided to make a post about some super cheap makeup products I’ve tried and love for your face!


ELF High Definition Powder, $6.00 (USD)
This is one of the top selling items on the ELF website. It’s a very fine powder for your face to put over your makeup to set it in place. It is mattifying, translucent. and lightweight. My first lot of this is almost all gone, but it did last me a very long time. I use a brush to apply it instead of the puff that comes with it.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer, $6.00 (USD)
This has been in nearly every single one of my videos. I use it all the time to cover up imperfections. It’s super heavy duty, so don’t put on too much. I rarely use the concealer pencil, I find the colour is somewhat darker than the liquid concealer. I’ve gone through almost a full tube of this as well, but I’ll let you know it lasts a very long time. Great product.

ELF Tone Correction Powder, $3.00 (USD)
This is another go to face product for me that’s very cheap. It’s a tone correction powder, and it’s split up into four quadrants. The yellow is the cover up under eye circles, the blue is for a glow on lighter skin tones, and pink is for covering up brown/grey spots. You can also mix all four together and it works pretty similar to the translucent powder mentioned above. Mine is nearly gone, but also broken up so I can’t really use them separately anymore. This comes with a mirror and everything! For $3.00 it’s an absolute must have.

Do you guys have any super cheap makeup you swear by? Post below in the comments!


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