The First Page [Topshop] Week of April 6th

Hi friends!

For todays issue of The First Page I decided to use Topshop, a store that I adore but I only have a single piece of clothing from. It’s a more expensive store but the clothing from there is beautiful and nice quality. Prices are in pounds on the site, so keep that in mind if you need to do price conversions!


I love how this site has a lot of basics, but they just look so nice.

My top 5 items at first glance (in no particular order) are:


That skirt in the middle totally wowed me as soon as I saw it. How fun and unique! The other items are pretty standard, neutral items that’d I’d love to be wearing this summer. The Fourth picture (the side split high neck tunic) has the side split feature that I really like lately.

Do you have anything from Topshop? What do you like on the site right now? Post in the comments below!

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