The Mascara Files: Half-Sized Tubes for Cheap! (Or free?)


Hi friends!

I’m just doing a super quick post today on something that not a lot of people know! At Sephora, you can build half-sized tubes of mascara for cheap! They’re nice and small for travel (or if you like using more than one, like me) and I find they do last me a while. You’re supposed to change your mascara roughly every 3 months anyway (can’t say I do that, but you totally should), and if you use one of these smaller mascaras for 3 months (depending on how much you use it) it’ll probably be just finishing off anyway! It’s fantastic for if you aren’t too sure if you’ll like a mascara, and you just want to give it a try first!

If you aren’t sure exactly how much is in a bottle, the website does provide how many ounces the travel sizes are!

Here’s a list of some mascaras you can get at half size! (Prices in Canadian)


You may have, however, decided to read this post because I said you can get some mascaras free! Usually for beauty insiders (free to sign up, by the way) there are free rewards that change up monthly on the Sephora website. Every dollar you spend is 1 point, and at 100 points, 250 points, and 500 points. The 100 point rewards are usually sampler sizes of products that they sell, and most of the time they do include mascaras. This month, two of the 100 point rewards are mascara samplers. They are:


Another way to get cheap mascara from Sephora is by checking into the value sets. These are usually samplers of products either from one particular brand or sometimes many, put into a kit together that is usually worth the money! I’ve seen value sets that are all mascara, but there are currently none in stock. Here are some value sets that contain mascara you can currently buy:


This year, there’s no sampler mascara in the birthday gift this year, but last year there was MUFE Smoky Extravagant, and the year before that, there was Benefit They’re Real! It’s worth picking up your birthday present from Sephora when the time comes around, it’s completely free (no point system) as long as you are a beauty insider.

Do you know about any other ways to get cheap/free mascara? Post below!


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