Review Time: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation


Hi friends!

Last week the always lovely Cait told me that Hard Candy made a foundation-equivalent for their always amazing Glamoflauge Concealer. Say whaaaaat?! So I obviously bought it, because I love the concealer, and I tried it out for the first time Sunday morning! So, on with the review. This is what it looks like!


So how does it perform?

WELL. When I first squeezed some out on my finger, I was quite surprised how runny it was! It was off-putting at first, then I turned the bottle around and looked at the little blurb on the back, and right there in the first line:

“A transforming liquid-powder foundation that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long lasting, velvet finish.”

Sweet. That’s always a plus because I don’t feel the need for a finishing powder. It would also explain the strange runny texture. So I applied it to my face, and here are the results:

Left is bare face, right is with just the foundation.

Not too bad! I unfortunately got a colour that was slightly too light for my skin (Ivory), but honestly it’s not too bad. It made my skin very uniform, took away shine, covered imperfections and even on its own I found it did diminish my under eye circles a bit! I must say I’m super pleased with this product. Every day I’ve worn makeup this week this has been my starting point. I would definitely buy it again, I’ve already got my mother hooked on it and I will be recommending it to people! Best part is, Hard Candy is from Walmart. It’s super cheap! Cheap, good foundation is great.

Hard Candy is also cruelty-free. Its win win wherever you look!

Have you tried either the glamoflauge foundation or concealer? What do you think of Hard Candy? Post below!


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