Review Time! Hard Candy Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Collection: Raining Men


Hi friends!

I picked up a few things from Hard Candy earlier on in the week and one of these was a really pretty, SUPER cheap eyeshadow palette from the Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Collection, and it’s called Raining Men, so today I’m going to throw up a quick review on it! The colours really stood out to me, they were bright, fun, and most of them warm which I always like. Here are some photos of what it looks like in the package!



So pretty!

There are only two finishes in the packaging, some of the shadows are super shimmery, like the two reds, the navy, the brown, and the dark green. The remaining eyeshadows have a very strange texture… they’re very chunky! It’s like they’re just very chunky glitters. You can’t really tell from in the pan, but it’s really bizarre to apply.

Here are some swatches!


When I started swatching them by themselves, I realized I was going to need to throw these over a base when using them. Some of them like that silver just did not want anything to do with applying on my skin. Most of the ones I had trouble with were the strangely textured ones, though the gold-green at the end did fine. Over NYX milk, they looked way more true to the colour in the pan. Some of them, especially the green, applied a completely different colour without the base under it!

Some of these did have a small film over them to keep them from breaking in their packaging, so you may have to bust through the first layer to even get this much coverage. I filmed a tutorial today using some of these eyeshadows and heres the results!


It’s mostly red and gold (my favourite shades in the palette), but I may end up doing another tutorial using just the colours in this palette but use some of the ones that didn’t get to this look!

What do you guys think? Would you buy this palette? Do you have any experience with Hard Candy’s Top Ten Trendsetter Eyeshadow Palettes before? Post below!

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