Salt Spray vs. Fresh Hair

Hello friends!

As promised on our Instagram, I have been searching for ways to get “second day hair” the same day that you wash it (kay yeah that’s confusing…do you ever notice how much easier it is to style your hair the second day after you wash it??  Because I definitely do.)

The first product up is:


Got 2b Beach Trippin Salt Infused Waving Spray

I wouldn’t have thought to try using a waving spray to combat fresh hair, but my trainer recommended it so I thought why not.

First Impressions:

  • The bottle is actually really nice, easy to hold, easy to pump.
  • It sprays like a non-aerosol hair spray
  • It definitely smells salty.  I wasn’t big on the smell, but it does fade

Okay so now we’re putting it to the test.

First of all, I wanted to try the product for what it’s actually meant for:  Beach Waves.  To really test the product, I put in my extensions.  My extensions are really difficult to work with.  They just want to be straight and you can’t tell them otherwise.

Here is a before picture:  My hair (and extensions) are pushed to the side, freshly washed and dried.


I did have to use a decent amount of the Salt Spray – a little more than I thought or like to admit but here’s the results:


Okay so it did work.  And this lasted me all day.  Which is very rare for my texture of hair.  If you’re looking for a more dramatic “scrunch” look, I wouldn’t necessarily use this product.  But if the beach wave is what you’re going for, I have to say, I was impressed with this product.


To test this out, I washed my hair, dried it, and sprayed the salt spray in my hair prior to straightening it.  I did notice the static in my hair decreased, and my hair seemed to hold the tease.


The spray did make my hair easy to style without making it feel weighed down.  And my tease stayed in all day.

Day two:  Does it make your hair greasy if you don’t wash the salt spray out?

No.  No grease in my hair on day two.  Actually, day two was optimum.  I could feel the spray in my hair but not in a bad way.  I didn’t have use hairspray at all on this day (Besides in my tease).


So just to sum things up:  I definitely do recommend this product, whether you use it for its purpose (beach waves) or for the new found problem solver of fresh hair! If only the smell was better!

Have you tried this product or one similar?  What did you think?  Post in the comments below!


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