The First Page [Urban Planet] Week of April 20th


Hi Friends!

This week I chose a Canadian company called Urban Planet for The First Page. I shop there a lot, I really like their stuff. Their online store isn’t quite as great as what they have in stock in their stores, but it isn’t too bad. With that said, let’s move onto the first page!


My gif is a little better than last week! Yay! I’m not entirely sure what happened last week with the white splotches. Anyway, here’s my top 5 (no particular order) at first glance!


There you have it! My top 5. Everything here comes in more than one colour which is always fantastic. The romper in the centre, I have pretty much the same one and it is one of the comfiest things I own. Best thing about Urban Planet is things there are nice and cheap. I love the clothing, I love the prices. I hope you guys like it too if you’ve never heard of it. Right now they only ship to Canada and USA but hopefully in the future they’ll expand!

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