Tutorials n’ Such!

Hi friends!

I filmed a tutorial yesterday super fast on that not-sure-if-they’re-wearing-makeup-or-not-but-they-look-great sort of look, however upon review today I’m not entirely sure I like the way it turned out. I think I can do a little better, I did feel a little rushed yesterday while filming it. I was spending time with a friend today hence no post until now, so tomorrow I’ll try to film the tutorial again and see if it turns out any better. Here are some photos of how the initial tutorial came out to show you the idea I’m going with.


So basically what I’m going for with this look is covering up imperfections, light contouring and highlighting, but overall focus on looking pretty natural.

You may ask what the point is to put on makeup if you want to look like you aren’t really wearing makeup. For me, it’s about looking effortless. Well why not just not do your makeup that’ll look pretty effortless too. Scratch that, I want to look effortless AND stand out. I want to take my natural beauty to the next level! I think that’s how a lot of people feel about this sort of thing. It appeals to us the same way that chanting the words to Beyonce’s Flawless does. It’s the reason we contour, even.

Anyway, with that being said, I apologize for the lack of content today.I did buy some clothing yesterday as well so I may do an extra post this week with what I’ve got. No promises of course, anything can come up.

In the spirit of makeup that looks natural, I want you guys to write down your essentials below! If you are wearing minimal makeup, what will definitely be on your face? I’m curious to see! I’ll post my answer as well when I post my video!


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