The Mascara Files: Bottom Lashes!


Hi friends!

Today I decided to do a post on bottom lashes on here. I may be alone on this, but top and bottom lashes are completely different for me. Most of the time, I do not wear mascara on my bottom lashes because they’re really long. I find if I’m doing an every day makeup look they look a little out of place with mascara on. Top lashes, on the other hand, I always put mascara on. I don’t mind them being super long.

When I do put mascara on my bottom lashes, I do not (usually) use my go to mascaras, I have a special mascara I use for the bottom, because I like how it applies better. It isn’t a mascara specifically made for bottom lashes like from Clinique or ELF, but a mascara that I find works best for me for bottom lashes.

So what’s my magic go-to? If you follow our blog or youtube channel, you may already know!

Urban Decay Perversion on top, YSL Baby Doll on bottom.

YSL Baby Doll!

Yes, mine is a sampler. This isn’t what the actual tube looks like.

It’s not the mascara or anything with the formula in particular, it’s the brush! When I run out of this particular mascara I plan on keeping the brush to use with other mascaras just because I really like the way that it applies.

Two reasons I love this brush:

Do I think you need to spend $35 on a bottom lash mascara? Of course not! I think that any brush with small, plastic bristles is going to do just as well as this one does.

What mascara do you use on your bottom lashes? Post in the comments below!


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