The First Page [Forever 21] Week of May 4th


Hi Friends!

May the 4th be with you! This week I decided to go back to Forever 21 to see how their new stock is compared to the first time I did The First Page! So here’s our weekly gif!


Whoo! I want lots of stuff in this gif!


I may have had trouble choosing just 5 things. I actually had trouble choosing just ten!

As always, if there’s a Canadian site, it’s the one I’m using so these links are to the Canadian site. Obviously florals and crochet are super popular right now. There’s two different kimonos there, two different rompers, all things I love. I honestly would love to have those floral bikini bottoms and just pair them up with a super nice top… I wanna go shopping so badly on that site now.

Also I gotta mention both of those pairs of shoes in the kimono pictures. Wow. I want both.

Just, good job Forever 21, good job.


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