The First Page [Modcloth] Week of May 18th


Hi friends!

Back again today with another The First Page, it’s really late for me to post today, but it’s still before midnight my time so it’s still Monday! It’s been a super weird past week between everyone living in the same house as me getting sick and my boyfriends birthday party the past weekend, I’ve been busy! So sorry for no Friday post, or an earlier one today, but let’s move on!

Here’s out gif!


Here are 5 things that caught my eye!


You guys know I’d be lying if I didn’t throw in the 100% glitter floor length gown. Wow.

In all honesty I think my favourite item in this is either the sleeveless top or the cardigan. They’re both super cute and I’d love to have both in my wardrobe.

Do you own anything from Modcloth? If so, what is it? If not, what would you buy? Post below!


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