The Mascara Files: Skip the line!


Hi friends!

Not past 12:00 in my timezone so YAY it’s still Mascara Files day! Today I want to mention something that you possibly haven’t considered before if you are a huge eyeliner wearer like I used to be. To get the most out of your mascara, by which I mean the most dramatic lengths and volume, skip the eyeliner, or even take baby steps and tone it down!

I’m not telling you to go throw all your eyeliner in the garbage and never use it again, that’s silly, but if you want people to notice those big lashes you have from all the tips you’ve acquired from previous mascara files, try skipping the liner, and see how great your lashes look as a stand-alone feature!

So what does skipping the liner do anyway?

When you wear dark liner around your eyes, it can take away from your eyelashes because part of your lashes blend in with your dark lines around your eyes, taking away some of the length and drama to them.

By no means am I anti-eyeliner. I love it. I just want to give you guys some other options you may never have thought of when it comes to mascara.

Hope this has been helpful and informative!


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