Quick Little Update… (and a Tip!)

Hi Friends!

I’ve been absent the past few weeks. I’m well aware of that. What started out as being sick last Monday ended up in me taking a break from posting, just to make sure I don’t drive myself into the ground, having posting become a chore more than a hobby. That’s not what either of us want from the site. I love you all and thank you for sticking around even when the posting has been minimum.

With that said, let me leave you guys with a little tip…


Something to throw into the mascara files! (Even though it isn’t Wednesday)

Ladies and Gents, with summer coming up I must stress the importance of this. Please, do not use waterproof mascaras as your every day mascara.

Why you ask? Let me tell you!

Waterproof mascara is meant to be exactly what it says, waterproof. It’s there for long wear, and survives through thick and thin. Sounds great, so whats the problem? It’s a little too hard to get off. Waterproof mascara even has to be scrubbed off with makeup removers, so it’s not ideal for every day wear. It’s easy to miss bits of it, so you can get build up, and the scrubbing is harsh around your eye area. So when you reach for your waterproof mascara this summer, ask yourself, do you really need it?


The Mascara Files: “They’re Real!” Travel-Sized Mascara 100 Points at Sephora!


Hi friends!

The title says it all!

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is only 100 points for Beauty Insiders at Sephora for the month of June! I’ve used it before, I’m not entirely sure it’s waterproof or not but it’s definitely water resistant. It’s a good one for summer, but keep in mind you’ll need a good makeup remover to get it fully off.

You can be a Beauty Insider for free you just have to sign up either in store on at Sephora.com. Keeping in mind that summer is coming up, there are also 9 free sunscreen samples if you order from the Sephora website right now. Needless to say, if you’ve been holding off on getting an order, now is a great time to do so!

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The First Page [ASOS] Week of June 1st, 2015


Hi friends! Happy June to all!

This week I am going back to ASOS for a look at what they have out. I must say, just doing my quick glance through while making the gif, I was super impressed! So here it is! Our weekly gif!

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