NYX Face Awards Entry!

Hi friends!

I try my hardest, but I DO often forget that I have a blog to post on (Instagram has made things way too easy, haha!) I decided to let our followers on here what’s up if you aren’t connected to our Instagrams (Mel + Cait) as well as our Youtube!

I made an entry for the NYX Face Awards this year! This is a few big firsts for me. First time entering any sort of makeup related competition, first time trying my luck with the Face Awards, and also (somehow biggest for me) first time I’ve voiced one of my videos! I’m not sure why, but it was SO unnerving! Anyway, here’s my entry, please please PLEASE let me know what you think either in the comments here below, or on Youtube or Instagram! Good luck to everyone reading this who is partaking in the Face Awards this year, and I look forward to the competition!

If you aren’t too sure what the NYX Face Awards are click here to learn! I’m excited to see who makes it to the top 30 and discover some amazing new talent! If you’re competing, comment below or in my video so I can check out your video too! I know this is a competition, but I’m more interested in meeting new people in the makeup community!

Thanks guys, see you soon!