31 Days of Batman Day 3: Adam West Batman!

Hi friends!

Still trying to catch up to where I am on my instagram account, so there’s still one more post to go for today! This is my favourite one I’ve done so far. I am super in love with this character. Here we go!


Anddd here’s an extra photo that I didn’t post on insta compared to the reference photo I used!


I know the pictures don’t vary much, I find a lot of the illusion of face painting is ruined when you take it from different angles. So this is a slightly side view. Illusion still works super well at this angle. Oh also it’s worth noting that obviously this isn’t a photograph of Adam West as Batman. Instead, is the cover art of Batman ’66 Vol. 1, in which the design of Batman is based off Adam West’s character! I highly recommend this graphic novel to any Bat fan.

Main product used:

Make Up For Ever- Flash Color Palette in Artistic

(Yep. That’s the only thing I used.)

We’re almost caught up to instagram now! Check out day one and day two if you haven’t already! Make sure to subscribe to the site via email or through WordPress if you’re interested in seeing more looks! You can also follow our twitter for updates! Thanks again guys!



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