31 Days of Batman Day 5: Scarecrow!

Hi friends!

We’re back again today with another Batman character. It’s Wednesday, and Wednesdays are American Horror Story nights so I decided to do one of the creepier characters in Batman (and also one of my favourites). Let’s go!

scarecrow3And an extra comparison picture to the reference photo I used (though to be honest I ended up taking my own take on it because there are many different Scarecrows)

scarecrow4I kinda like how this turned out even though it doesn’t look like the Arkham Scarecrow. Scarecrow is a creepy dude so I just did my own creepy thing.

Main products used:

Make Up For Ever- Flash Color Palette in Artistic

Kat Von D- Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette (SOLD OUT)

Urban Decay- Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwaear Liquid Eyeliner in Bump

That’s day 5! If this is the first one you’re seeing, you can check out the others here! If you’re interested in seeing more, you can follow my instagram, our twitter, or subscribe directly to this site via email! See you next time!


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