31 Days of Batman Day 10: Red Robin!

Hi friends!

Today I’m covering what is probably my favourite Robin, Tim Drake! Like all the other Robins he starts as the basic form then moves on to greater things! This form of Tim is called Red Robin, and it’s the New 52 version because I’m not a huge fan of his original design! YES, it DOES look very similar to my Nightwing and I apologize for that, but a lot of super heroes wear masks.

redrobin4And here’s a comparison picture to the character!


I can’t find the picture I originally went off of, and a lot of the time Tim’s mask is drawn as being black, but I liked it red. The design on the figure’s mask and mine are kinda different… but the original reference photo is no where to be found. I really have to start saving them.

Main Product Used:

Make Up For Ever- Flash Color Palette in Artistic

That’s it for today! You can check out all the looks that are out so far here! If you want updates when the looks come out check out my instagram, our twitter or subscribe by email on the main page of the site! Remember not everything posted here will also get to instagram so it’ll be worth it to come back here and see the extra photos! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! See you back again tomorrow!


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