31 Days of Batman Day 11: Wonder Woman!

Hi friends!

Today I’m doing a character who, well, isn’t at all a ‘Batman’ character, but due to her recent appearance in Batman V Superman, I figured it was appropriate! She is, of course, Diana Prince, the Amazonian Warrior herself, Wonder Woman! -cue dramatic Wonder Woman music from B V S-

Here’s my look!


I tried to do a little bit of banding to make the metallic finish on the headband look more realistic. Also I took photos both with  and without her signature red lipstick and I gotta say, I liked it much better without! So I had to post both.

Here’s a comparison to my defence picture!


Obviously there are some differences, this picture has almost a rose gold headband but I went with classic gold!

Main Product Used:

Make Up For Ever- Flash Color Palette in Artistic

Huda Lashes- Samantha #7

The whole eye look was done with Sephora’s extravagant eyes collection which is currently sold out.

I’m super excited about the next few days of Batman, I think I got some super great things lined up for you all! You can check out all the looks that are out so far here! If you want updates when the looks come out check out my instagram, our twitter or subscribe by email on the main page of the site! Remember not everything posted here will also get to instagram so it’ll be worth it to come back here and see the extra photos! Tune back tomorrow! It’ll be the first repeat character! (Different style though! Wonder who it will be… 😉 )


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