31 Days of Batman Day 13: Pfeiffer Catwoman!

Hi friends!

Today is the day. Ohh yes. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman was an absolute must-have for my list. She redefined and popularized Catwoman back in the 90’s the same way that Margot Robbie did to Harley Quinn this year. She is a STUNNER in her Catwoman suit, and I wanted so badly to recreate it!


Oh yeah. I love it. Here’s my comparison picture in the case that you’ve never seen her before!


My biggest regret is not taking a picture with that pose.

Obviously I skipped the intense cat eye makeup and traded it with something more modern, because this is my challenge and I do things the way I want, basically. I wanted it to look super shiny so I didn’t do the whole thing flat black, but I put highlight all over the middle of my forehead and down the center of my nose. The stitches were super fun to do, just with basic white liquid liner! This look is SO SIMPLE, SO FUN and it gave me a load of confidence!

Main products used:

Make Up For Ever- Flash Color Palette in Artistic

Urban Decay- Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwaear Liquid Eyeliner in Bump

That’s day 13!  If this is the first one you’re seeing, you can check out the others here! If you’re interested in seeing more, you can follow my instagram, our twitter, or subscribe directly to this site via email! See you next time!


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