31 Days of Batman Day 16: Enchantress!

Hi friends!

Today I have Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress from The Suicide Squad! This version is super different than other Enchantresses but super duper cool!


(YES, the eyes are edited)

I have blonde hair, and I DO have a black wig but it didn’t look great for this look so I just put the black pieces of hair over my face with eyeliner. I think it still looks pretty great!


Unedited eyes in case anyone is interested.

Main Products Used:

Kat Von D- Monarch Palette (SOLD OUT)

Urban Decay- Perversion Mascara

Essence- Super Fine Eyeliner Pen

We’re officially over halfway through this challenge! I’m so excited! I’ve gotten to do a lot of fun superhero and villain looks! Check out all the looks that are out so far here! If you want updates when the looks come out check out my instagram, our twitter or subscribe by email on the main page of the site! Remember, here is where you get to see the exclusive comparison pictures so make sure to check the site! Thanks again! See you tomorrow!


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