31 Days of Batman Day 22: Nora Fries!

Hi friends!

This is a rather obscure character, but basically this is the wife or Mr Freeze. I don’t have any red goggles and I feel that it’ll be hard to paint on, so I decided to skip Freeze and do Nora instead.

Nora’s story is that she was terminally ill so Mr. Freeze froze her to save her life. You can read more on her here!

Here’s my look!


Products Used:

Various (LOTS) of different Kat Von D eyeshadows from different palettes

Diorshow Maximizer 3d Base Mascara

I really liked using the mascara in my lashes and eyebrows to make it look like ice chunks! Here’s my comparison photo, however it’s not much of a comparison because I pretty much did this without reference photos.


And now I’m caught up again! If you want to see my previous looks click here! If you want updates when the looks come out check out my instagram, our twitter or subscribe by email on the main page of the site! Remember, here is where you get to see the exclusive comparison pictures so make sure to check the site!


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