31 Days of Batman is turning into 24 Days of Batman.

Hi friends!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything the past few days, to be honest I’m beyond burnt out. I was sick for 2 whole weeks during this month and little unexpected things like that can really throw a challenge.

I’ve done a few challenges before, some I’ve gotten through, some I’ve failed. Either way it’s fine. I’m not mad at myself, I’ve just learned more for doing my Halloween challenge next year! For example, start doing this as much as possible as early as July or August. Seems really early but I promise, it isn’t.

So the last day I posted was day 23, and I said there would be 24 days. I do have one more look to go but I won’t be posting it until Sunday because it’s my ACTUAL Halloween costume, and I have a party Saturday night so I don’t want to do the reveal until then.

SO with that being said I’ve gone back in time and I’m going to post some of my Halloween looks from the past. I’m going to post 2010 and 2011 today!


2010 I was Lady Gaga from the Paparazzi music video! I was so incredibly in love with that video. Maybe I should redo this sometime, I have sunglasses so much like this now minus the little clip bits that fold up. I could do the makeup better too, I know it.

harleyquimp2011 was my first from scratch costume. I really liked how it turned out. Can’t see the pigtails in this picture unfortunately but it still remains my favourite from that night.


That’s all for today, I still have 2012-2015 to post! I’ll do these over the next couple of days, until my final of my Batman challenge. If you haven’t seen any of them check them out here! If you want updates when the looks come out check out my instagram, our twitter or subscribe by email on the main page of the site! Thanks for stopping by!


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