Super late Halloween roundup!

Hi friends!

So I posted all but one of my batman challenge and had to quit early, but I forgot to post my roundup so you guys could see all of my looks from Halloween!

I’m just going to post a few pictures up in here!

Processed with VSCO

Here’s my test run makeup of my Leto Joker. It honestly turned out better than the one for Halloween, but that’s because I wasn’t as rushed. Here are all 3 of my looks I did over the Halloween weekend/actual Halloween on Monday!


I honestly love how the spider web eyes turned out. It’s inspired by Alyssa Marie Artistry on Instagram! She did the same sort of thing last Halloween!

Here’s all the looks I did for Halloween over the entire month of October! Some I haven’t posted because I did them on other people, and it wasn’t for the batman challenge!


I did 31 looks all together! Which is funny because I did give up my challenge, but I still ended up with the right amount of looks!

Anyway, I’ll beep posting more again in December, but I probably won’t have anything interesting aside from a few FOTD on here until then, sorry! Maybe I’ll try to post a few good DIY for you guys, especially where Christmas is coming up.

Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates if you wish to!

What was your favourite look I did over all of Halloween? Post below! I’d love to know!




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