Salt Spray vs. Fresh Hair

Hello friends!

As promised on our Instagram, I have been searching for ways to get “second day hair” the same day that you wash it (kay yeah that’s confusing…do you ever notice how much easier it is to style your hair the second day after you wash it??  Because I definitely do.)

The first product up is:

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“Fresh” Hair

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I always find the first day after I wash my hair very difficult.  My hair is too “fresh” (it’s too soft, kind of frizzy, won’t keep a good tease, and has a mind of its own).

My trainer recently told me of a product that she uses for this problem – sea salt.  I will be buying it this weekend and will post results here next week!

The purpose of this post is basically if you have a solution or a remedy for “fresh” hair, post below and I will buy and try it this weekend, so I can recommend the best product for you!

Quick Tip: Flat Ironing your Bang/Side Bang

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Okay if you’re anything like me, you don’t want your bangs (or side bang) whip straight. WHY YOU MAY ASK? Because if you do that, they just hang there off your head. Like, in your eyes, with no shape. And when you try to sweep them to the side you can’t because they’re so straight they just can’t be tamed. They are out of control.

Are you in this position? Because if you are, HAVE I GOT A TRICK FOR YOU (Even if you don’t have this “problem”, you should absolutely still give this a try. It’s life changing).

Okay put your listening eyes on my friends and trust me: straighten your bang before your flat iron heats up all the way.

No, I’m not crazy, this is golden advice. It makes your bang straight but also moveable. It leaves a nice texture and a natural movement that you cannot achieve with really high temperatures. For example, I own a Rusk flat iron (and btw I’m 1000% in love with it), and I flat iron my hair on 200°F. I start to straighten my bang when my iron is at 72°F.  (I know that’s a little precise, but trust me, it’s the sweet spot)

Side note:  I straighten my bang in two sections and this also improves the overall look.  It gives it dimension.  I also wear my bang to the right, but when I straighten it, I straighten it to the left to give it more bounce

Seriously, give this a go. Leave me a comment if you have any advice of your own, or have any questions!  Let me know what kind of flat iron you use and what temperatures you prefer to work with!

Thanks for reading!


Picture Tutorial: Teasing your hair

Hello Friends!

For my first tutorial, I want to answer a question I get asked every week – HOW DO YOU TEASE YOUR HAIR AND HOW DO YOU GET IT TO STAY LIKE THAT ALL DAY – what a wonderful question!  It’s really simple, actually.  The key is good hairspray and a good comb.  I personally use a regular comb.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the teasing comb (link:  Sally Beauty) and the teasing brush (link:  Sephora).  These are amazing products depending on your hair type, and I’ve linked a couple that I recommend.  I personally have tried teasing combs and teasing brushes – the problem that I’ve run into with these are:

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