Mascara Files: Something NOT to do!


Hi friends!

I ALMOST didn’t make my Mascara Files post for the day! I can’t go doing that now can I! Today it’s going to be short and simple, just in case any of you guys don’t know. Ladies and gents, do not pump your mascara wand. By that, I mean, do not move it frantically up and down in the tube to try to get more on your brush. It dries out your mascara by pushing air into the tube. If you want to get more product, maybe try spinning the brush around, and a less frantic, more civil motion.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that! Who knows, maybe I just saved a mascara tube from drying out prematurely!


The Mascara Files: Urban Decays Perversion


Hi friends!

Short post today. I bought a sampler of Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara last week. I already own the perversion pencil liner, and it’s truly fantastic! Here’s some photos of how the mascara applies!


My lashes are quite long, but these definitely lengthened them by a lot. It works pretty great for thickening as well. It’s easy to apply, I’ve had no clumps the past week I’ve been using it. I will probably buy the full tube once I run out of this if it doesn’t get too clumpy as it ages. You can get perversion at Sephora.

Lip Art: Black & Sparkly!


Hey friends!

Was fooling around with my new lip products for a blog post and I kept the black lipstick on and decided to cover it in sparkles!

Products Used:

NYX Retractable Lip Liner M19 Black Lips
Sephora Mini Glitter Liner Set Evening Blue

Hurry! The Glitter Liner Set is limited edition and on sale for SUPER CHEAP. Totally worth it! I use mine often!

Would you like to see us doing more lip art? Post in the comments below!


The First Page [Topshop] Week of April 6th

Hi friends!

For todays issue of The First Page I decided to use Topshop, a store that I adore but I only have a single piece of clothing from. It’s a more expensive store but the clothing from there is beautiful and nice quality. Prices are in pounds on the site, so keep that in mind if you need to do price conversions!

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Cheap! (& Worth It!) [Face Edition]

cheapandworthit2Hey guys! I wanted to make a quick post today because I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to record my last game of thrones tutorial, so instead of leaving you with nothing today, I decided to make a post about some super cheap makeup products I’ve tried and love for your face!

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“Fresh” Hair

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I always find the first day after I wash my hair very difficult.  My hair is too “fresh” (it’s too soft, kind of frizzy, won’t keep a good tease, and has a mind of its own).

My trainer recently told me of a product that she uses for this problem – sea salt.  I will be buying it this weekend and will post results here next week!

The purpose of this post is basically if you have a solution or a remedy for “fresh” hair, post below and I will buy and try it this weekend, so I can recommend the best product for you!


The Mascara Files: Wand Types


Your wand shape will tell you a lot about what your lashes are supposed to look like when you use a mascara. A curved brush is meant to curl lashes, big crazy brushes are meant to give big fluffy lashes. Tiny rubber brushes are meant for precision work and usually make long, neat lashes. Triangular brushes put more length on the outer corners and less on the inner. Here’s a photo of some of the different brush shapes and how each applied mascara on my eyelashes.

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