Quick Little Update… (and a Tip!)

Hi Friends!

I’ve been absent the past few weeks. I’m well aware of that. What started out as being sick last Monday ended up in me taking a break from posting, just to make sure I don’t drive myself into the ground, having posting become a chore more than a hobby. That’s not what either of us want from the site. I love you all and thank you for sticking around even when the posting has been minimum.

With that said, let me leave you guys with a little tip…


Something to throw into the mascara files! (Even though it isn’t Wednesday)

Ladies and Gents, with summer coming up I must stress the importance of this. Please, do not use waterproof mascaras as your every day mascara.

Why you ask? Let me tell you!

Waterproof mascara is meant to be exactly what it says, waterproof. It’s there for long wear, and survives through thick and thin. Sounds great, so whats the problem? It’s a little too hard to get off. Waterproof mascara even has to be scrubbed off with makeup removers, so it’s not ideal for every day wear. It’s easy to miss bits of it, so you can get build up, and the scrubbing is harsh around your eye area. So when you reach for your waterproof mascara this summer, ask yourself, do you really need it?


Cheap! (& Worth It!) [Face Edition]

cheapandworthit2Hey guys! I wanted to make a quick post today because I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to record my last game of thrones tutorial, so instead of leaving you with nothing today, I decided to make a post about some super cheap makeup products I’ve tried and love for your face!

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“Fresh” Hair

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I always find the first day after I wash my hair very difficult.  My hair is too “fresh” (it’s too soft, kind of frizzy, won’t keep a good tease, and has a mind of its own).

My trainer recently told me of a product that she uses for this problem – sea salt.  I will be buying it this weekend and will post results here next week!

The purpose of this post is basically if you have a solution or a remedy for “fresh” hair, post below and I will buy and try it this weekend, so I can recommend the best product for you!

First Poll Results Are In! Second Poll is Active!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.56.30 PM

Here’s how our first poll went over! Straight and wavy tied for first, curly and my hair decides for second, and in last (with no votes) is I change it up daily.

Our second poll is here, on the sidebar of our site! It asks what your favourite lip colour is, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the colour you wear most often! Go vote! If you have any ideas for polls, you are more than welcome to post them below!

For the Love of Purple! [preview]


Hey guys! Just wanted to make a preview post for something coming out next week (hopefully). I’m going to review all these things in the photo above [some are discontinued sorry :(] and I’ll most likely get into how I mix my custom purples, because I have a load. If you have any questions about this you want to know asap, go yell at us on twitter and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.

Are there any purples you’d like to see me do a review of? Post below, and I’d be happy to if I have easy access to it!

From the Phone: My Sailor Moon Necklaces!

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to make a quick post about my favourite necklace set EVER! I bought a set of sailor moon necklaces! So far I’ve only worn the crescent moon wand but I’m so happy with the quality and I cannot wait to wear the rest!


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